Vi invita alla presentazione della collezione Alta Moda

"Abiti come gioielli" e "Memorabilis Ostuni"

Progetto e realizzazione sartoriale di Francesca Fossati con il contributo di Atelier Elisabeth Roulleau Gasbarre
Ricami per alta moda-Lione e Nadia Nava
Artista e designer del tessile-Milano
Sfilata Performance

o2 settembre, dalle ore 21

Piazzetta della Cattedrale, Centro Storico Ostuni


Inspired by the memories of the designer’s past, the collection is influenced by working garments redesigned to be modern and no longer as mass scale products, to tell the story of working women from the past Century to the Fifties and to tell the story of a uniform that didn’t mortify the aesthetic and the person at the time.

Pearls and buttons in Murano glass made exclusively for the collection with the blown glass “a lume” technique, straw handbags hand-woven by the skillful hands of a Sardinian master basket maker, embroidery and fabrics finely hand-painted by haute couture experts are some of the details of the Spring/Summer 2016 collection.


Francesca Fossati is refined couture for the woman with a strong personality, who desires to dare and welcomes a challenge. The woman by Francesca Fossati is looking for clothes that are tailored not just for her body but, most importantly, for her personality; a style which is able to represent her and create a uniqueness with her. She is no longer satisfied with the standardised market supply, but wants to talk about herself through what she’s wearing.

Francesca Fossati designs unique pieces for her clientele as well as seasonal collections and is the namesake behind brand. Entrepreneur and gallerist, Francesca Fossati creates in her laboratory with a choral backstage, where professional figures support her work. The essential soul of the brand is in the fusion of quality couture and the enhancement of Italian artisan professionalism, where the details of the creations are the work of the best manual skills of our tradition. Francesca Fossati frees women to be themselves, unique, ready to express their own personality through exclusive, original, non-replicable dresses.


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